Real World Data Science

Rapid Intelligence produces insights on a vast array of Australia-wide data

  • Businesses and amenities

  • Customer Transactions (millions)

  • Real estate listings (millions)

  • Development applications (hundreds of thousands)

  • Livability scores (one for every microburb)

  • Land values and sales (millions)

  • Schools and day care databases

  • 70,000 data points for every Microburb

  • Demographics, psychographics and economic trends

+ many more datapoints

+ many more datapoints

Validating business assumptions. Laterally solving problems with rigour, speed and business smarts.

Step outside your own data mess and get what you need.

We scan the whole country, considering far more variables than any human can digest. Our machine learning attacks problems from thousands of angles. We’re no data broker. We develop solutions.

We use data in novel and intended ways to suit your business problem. Gain a competitive advantage by blending third party data with your own.

Australian Business Knowledge


  • Speak the language of the customer. The purpose is always business outcomes. Data science is just a powerful means to that end.
  • Be transparent. Always describe the true drivers of outcomes. No black box. Be as scientific as possible.
  • Be accountable. Deliver recommendations that are concrete: If you do X, expect Y.
  • Be pragmatic. Act always in the interests of the client. Don’t take kickbacks to make the client more dependent on a vendor.
  • Reject the hype. Don’t do things because they’re trendy or sound complicated. Do them because they drive maximum value for minimum cost.
  • Keep it interesting. It’s always fascinating to jump in and discover new knowledge, particularly when it unlocks some of the mysteries of human behaviour.
  • Creativity and analytical thinking go hand in hand. New connections and new more powerful ways of looking things should always be backed by hard facts.
Rapid Intelligence Solutions combine creativity and lateral thinking


  • Unite the business with validated purpose beyond divisional and occupational silos.

  • Strengthen the relationship with your customers to defend against data-driven disruptors.

  • Growth backed by hard data. New locations, new partners, new markets validated objectively.

  • Powerful visual analysis that shows investors your deep capability.

  • Build defensible IP that can’t be copied by competitors.

  • Get reach beyond human capabilities.

There are businesses starting, populations growing and people making critical decisions that you don’t have time to learn yourself. We scan the whole country, considering far more variables than any human can digest. Our machine learning attacks problems from thousands of angles.


  • Real Estate

    Rapid Intelligence profiles tiny regions (down to 160 houses) for demographics, psychographics, propensity and more. We scan the country to identify vendors likely to sell below market value. We take advantage of our database of 200,000 development applications to keep track of emerging opportunities across the country.

  • Evaluate New Locations

    Using our fine grained geospatial and customer profile data, we build models that predict revenue per household in potential new territories based on your existing sales. You get back heat maps and revenue forecasts for any zone in Australia.

  • Customer Insights

    We augment your customer base with our own fine-grained individual insights engines tailored to your needs in order to reduce churn and drive sales.

  • Sales

    Microburbs and Rapid Intelligence identify sales opportunities utilising their custom-developed business databases. We look at online activity to identify who is approaching buying phase for your product or service.

  • Publishers

    Our sites have achieved over a billion (with a B!) pageviews because we can make content as human and relevant to the searcher as possible. We generate highly relevant text that looks and feels human, in very large volume. Rapid Intelligence profiles tiny regions (down to 160 houses) for demographics, psychographics, propensity and more.

  • Targeted Customer Lists

    We augment your customer base with our geospatial and profile data to identify customers most likely to respond to specific propositions. Use these lists for targeted messaging, EDM and online advertising.


Our Data

We track Australia to a fine grained level


Jonathon Moody

Jonathon Moody

CEO, Franchisor
Physio Inq

In his 6 months working with us, Luke really lived up to his reputation as one of Australia’s top Data Scientists. What really impressed was his speed, ability to blend data from different silos to answer broader strategic questions. Because of his startup background, he could effortlessly think across functions and the motivations of all the players in the system. It was refreshing having a creative but no-nonsense problem solver on hand. All he needed was objectives and access to the data and he was off.

Some of his more notable achievements where finding really powerful demographic drivers of acquisition and retention blending with public data, connected POS and loyalty data systems despite having no common IDs and evaluated the effectiveness of all outbound communication and advised us on what to focus on."

Matt Brown

Matt Brown


Luke Metcalfe is one of Australia's greatest data scientists. He is a one-man data-driven online enterprise machine, having created, in some cases sold and always succeeded with multiple online enterprises, of which Microburbs is but the most recent example. Luke is my personal example of data science done right: driven from the highest level and used to provide an enterprise with a winning advantage.

As a consultant Luke combines his entrepreneurial background, his deep expertise in data science as well as his incessant curiosity, business-savvy, charisma and practical, hands-on data wrangling capability - a true unicorn in the field, a one-man business data insights machine. It is my privilege to call Luke a friend, and more so to have worked with him.

Eugene Bubossarsky

Eugene Dubossarsky

Director, Presciient

Luke is a passionate data scientist professional whom I had the pleasure to work with for over a year. He is very knowledgeable and hands on various machine learning techniques and big data technologies. Luke demonstrated exemplary problem solving skills and always came up with elegant and innovative solutions for whichever challenges the business were facing. Luke is also able to translate complex data challenges into simple terms and would be a valuable asset to any company.

Karina Santana

Karina Santana

Director of Analytics Strategy & Operations at IAG

Luke's passion for the internet, and his ability to extract meaning from seemingly impossible data is unmatched. He possesses a rare level of curiosity and innovation which leads him to explore ideas and see them through to a polished end product.

For someone with such advanced inventive and technical abilities, Luke is honest, eloquent and refreshingly down to earth.

Aidan Beanland

Aidan Beanland

Head of SEO (APAC), Yahoo

Some of our clients

  • News Corp
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia
  • Monash University
  • Lendlease
  • Data61
  • Red Rooster
  • Woolworth
  • Blooms The Chemist
  • Media Super
  • Oporto
  • Cbus

Our data visualisation websites have been featured in

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