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Microburbs provides free comprehensive reports for every address in Australia. We provide all kinds of insights for business on Australian cities and business. Visit site »

Forensic tool that identifies domain name owners based on account ID's, WHOIS, DNS and coding style. Massive web crawl building a database of 253 million websites, backed by machine learning. AFR article »

Where stats come alive. The world's largest database for statistical comparisons between nations. Visit site »

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We find similar sentences to those in Wikipedia, complete with their citations for you to paste into your essay. It's the easy way to branch off to find authoritative sources and relevant quotes to deepen your research.
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Over two thousand ways to compare US states. America's free and unique educational resource for state-level information on nearly everything. Visit site »

The world's first computer-generated satire. A team of fictitious "experts" give their amusing views on any given topic. Visit site »

The wiki search engine. Search over 1200 wikis at once translated into 12 different languages.Visit site »

Uses AOL search data to report on search engine usage: what sites searchers found and what they searched for to find them. Visit site 

Reach and Insights Beyond Human Capability

Deep Scans of Australian Cities and Business

Most of the data about your business and your industry is not held by you. Thriving fast growing businesses in the 21st century are backed by real data, real analysis, real metrics and increasingly by Artificial Intelligence.

Today data is being generated and collected by millions of devices. Our mission is connect and enrich these sources to drive action in your business that you can back with facts.

Right now there are businesses starting, populations emerging and people making decisions critical to your business that you don’t have time to learn yourself. We scan the whole country, considering far more variables than any human can digest. Our machine learning attacks problems from thousands of angles.

Why choose Rapid Intelligence?

  • Know your competition
  • Find sales, potential partnerships and other business opportunities
  • Access more than you can possibly find yourself
  • Expand your horizons. New markets, new channels
  • Get certainty that your business is growing sustainably
  • Understand the reality you can’t see. Unveil what’s hidden
  • Get reach beyond human capabilities


Real Estate and Property Development: We scan the country to identify vendors likely to sell below market value. We take advantage of our database of 200,000 development applications to keep track of emerging opportunities across the country.

Franchisors: We identify the best locations for new franchisees using machine learning: models that ingest the history of businesses around Australia and predict the likelihood of franchise success. We take into account development applications, population trends, new developments, rents, competing and complementary businesses. We scan the country, casting a wider net and considering far more variables than a human can digest.

Sales: Microburbs and Rapid Intelligence identify sales opportunities utilising their custom-developed business databases. We look at online activity to identify who is approaching buying phase for your product or service.

Our data

We track Australia to a fine grained level:
  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Amenities and businesses
  • IP assets
  • Web and social presence of individuals and business
  • Infrastructure
  • Voting patterns
  • Livability scores

Our Capabilities

  • Highlight and analyse business opportunities that arise from your dataset
  • Identify and connect you with public datasets that augment and improve your internal data
  • Acquire, integrate and transform data sets of any size (Especially “big data”!)
  • Provide actionable insights and recommendations in plain English.
  • Build predictive algorithms to optimise areas such as prospecting, marketing campaigns
  • Implement dashboards and interfaces to allow easy and secure exploration of your data.

The Team

Luke Metcalfe

Founder and CEO

Luke is a successful tech entrepreneur who has been commercialising data since 1998. His approach is simultaneously lateral and analytical. Luke's previous business, NetComber, crawled 300 million websites and used machine learning to identify the owners of websites based on programming style. It was sold to a US company in 2014. He’s best known for NationMaster which applied sophisticated algorithms to synthesise thousands of sources to allow users to compare countries in 10,000 ways. Featured on New York Times, CNN, the BBC and recommended by the Harvard Business School and American Library Association, it has served over 750 million pageviews. Luke’s latest public website, Microburbs, provides detailed reports on every address in Australia and associated machine-learned insights.

Rainer Hillermann

Data Director

Rainer Hillermann has delivered data-driven Business, IT, Data Science and Machine Learning solutions around Australia, Asia, India and the Middle East in a wide variety of industries, including Telco, Media, Civil, Engineering, Retail, Sports, Banking, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Real Estate. These have ranged from working with startups through to large enterprises on multi-billion dollar projects.

He leverages the latest tools and advances in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to maximise business outcomes.


NetComber acquired by Profound Networks

Profound Networks has acquired Netcomber.com, a technology asset of Australian company Rapid Intelligence Pty. Ltd. Netcomber’s data analysis tool combined with Profound Networks’ existing Digital Business Intelligence (DBI) will herald a new source of corporate family linkage for B2B companies

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