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Forensic tool that identifies domain name owners based on account ID's, WHOIS, DNS and coding style. Massive web crawl building a database of 253 million websites, backed by machine learning. Visit site »

Where stats come alive. The world's largest database for statistical comparisons between nations. Visit site »

Where results make sense. The perfect search engine for encyclopedia style content. Gives full, informative sentences right on the results page. Visit site »

We find similar sentences to those in Wikipedia, complete with their citations for you to paste into your essay. It's the easy way to branch off to find authoritative sources and relevant quotes to deepen your research.
Visit site »

Over two thousand ways to compare US states. America's free and unique educational resource for state-level information on nearly everything. Visit site »

The world's first computer-generated satire. A team of fictitious "experts" give their amusing views on any given topic. Visit site »

The wiki search engine. Search over 1200 wikis at once translated into 12 different languages.Visit site »

Uses AOL search data to report on search engine usage: what sites searchers found and what they searched for to find them. Visit site 

Careers with Rapid Intelligence

Rapid Intelligence is currently seeking staff in Sydney, Australia to join our global team.

Why work with us?

  • We are innovators. We don't see the need to do what's been done before.
  • We do things on a large scale. Our sites enjoy millions pageviews per month.

Jobs Available

Rapid Intelligence values intelligence and versatility in its employees. We are looking for people with a range of technical and web skills and the ability to interface seamlessly between multiple functions. We have a meritocratic research and development process that seeks to harness the creativity and inventiveness of each member of our team, so if you're pragmatic and creative, why not drop us a line?

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NetComber acquired by Profound Networks

Profound Networks has acquired Netcomber.com, a technology asset of Australian company Rapid Intelligence Pty. Ltd. Netcomber’s data analysis tool combined with Profound Networks’ existing Digital Business Intelligence (DBI) will herald a new source of corporate family linkage for B2B companies

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